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Superman – “Man of Steel” hits theatres June 20!

31 May naslovna

Thirty years ago, Superman was epitomized by the legendary Christopher Reeve who took his young and loyal audience on an incredible journey all the way to the planet Krypton to show us that behind the ordinary and somewhat nerdish young man like Clark Kent hides the true super-hero! Screenwriters of this prequel, which is titled “Man of Steel”, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan bring us the young Superman (Henry Cavill) who has just embarked on the adventure of his lifetime. He will try to grasp where he actually arrived from and what his true quest on Earth is. Although reluctant, he will have to confront his secret extraterrestrial nature when members of his race invade the Earth. But first, he will need to mature as a hero in order to save the world from destruction, and became a symbol of hope for all mankind.

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Episode 9

27 May

(HR) Premijera: Trailer za prvu hrvatsku sf seriju ‘Jugoistočno od razuma’

23 May JiOR_ScenaPrvaEpizoda

First trailer for mockbuster Atlantic Rim

19 May 19052013_AtlanticRim

(HR) I prođe još jedan SFeraKon, onaj 35.

19 May 15052013_Sferakon2013_Hol

(HR) Recenzija filma Zvjezdane staze: U tami

19 May 16052013_STID_recenzija

(HR) Novi motion poster za Zvjezdane staze: U tami

14 May 14052013_StarTrekMotionPoster

(HR) Prvi trailer za Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv seriju

14 May 14052013_MarvelShield

Watch the short movie Reach

13 May 13052013_Reach

(HR) 35. Dani znanstvene fantastike su pred vratima

8 May 07052013_Sfera