28.06. - 06.07.2013.
film program
Berberian Sound Studio
2012, 92 min
Peter Strickland
Toby Jones, Susanna Cappellaro, Antonio Mancino, Fatma Mohamed, Katalin Ladik
Drama / Horror / Thriler
Official Trailer
Sinopsis: 1976: Berberian Sound Studio is one of the cheapest, sleaziest post-production studios in Italy. Only the most sordid horror films have their sound processed and sharpened in this studio. Gilderoy, a naive and introverted sound engineer from England is hired to orchestrate the sound mix for the latest film by horror maestro, Santini. Soon his work becomes a terrifying case of life imitating art.
Bio: Peter Strickland was born in 1973 and grew up in Reading, Berkshire. In 1997, his short film “Bubblegum” was entered in the Berlin Film Festival. He made a short version of what would become “Berberian Sound Studio” in 2005. In 2012, the film won awards at the British Independent Film Awards for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Technical Achievement (Sound) and Best Achievement in Production. 2013, the film obtained the Best (International) Film Award at BAFICI.