28.06. - 06.07.2013.
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Fantastic Zagreb and Kryolan special effects make-up workshop

12 Jun halloweennnn

30.06.2013. i 5.7.2013. we are holding two film and special effects make-up workshops in Europa cinema’s Muller hall. The workshops will be held by Kryolan make-up artist Mirel Gotal Mišak (Peter Frampton Make-up Academy) an July 6th you can expect our special guest Ela Milković (make-up artist „Ruža vjetrova“).

Workshop’s sponsor are Kryolan Professionla Make-up which have been supplying the film, theater and television industries for over sixty-six years That fact makes them one of the world’s first professional make-up brands and they are still the number one choice for make-up artists today, thanks to their extensive range of over 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories.
Kryolan sponsors Miss Universe of the World, New York Fashion Week, World body painting festival and famous Hollywood films such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek and more…
Kryolan products are available in over 80 countries. In Zagreb you can find their products in Šoštarićeva ulica 10, on Langov square, where you can try and buy all your favorite products or enroll into available workshops.
You can find more information on: www.kryolan.hr

make-up is Science kazališta10_2012

make-up is Science kazalište10_2012

make-up is Science spec efekt10_2012

Make up by Kryolan professional Make-up Team guided by make-up artist Mirel Gotal Mišak:
1. Jelena Copak
2. Tonka Nujić
3. Jelena Boras
4. Ines Stanković

Secret Zagreb tours

12 Jun logo

Ghost tour or Sleeping dragon? You will see a different side of Zagreb with Iva Silla, the author of Secret Zagreb Walks blog. She will show you dragons, ghosts, witches and all other creatures which make Zagreb so fantastic.

With Zagreb Ghost Tour join our quest to find the long forgotten souls. First Zagreb ghost tour will guide you through Zagreb after dark and introduce you to some of the most eerie places and mystical residents of this city. Haunted mansions, abandoned graveyards, curses and apparitions… Sweet old Zagreb has it all.

Take the Sleeping Dragon Tour to discover ancient “reptilian” folk lore, learn a couple of interesting facts about the strangest society around, and meet some sculpted snakes and dragons of Zagreb. Learn some esoteric mysteries and remain in hope that the sleeping dragon will not wake up during your stay in Zagreb…They say there are tunnels under the medieval part of Zagreb, that lead to the old castle of Medvedgrad, on the mount above the city. Somewhere deep inside these tunnels, cursed snake queen has jealously been guarding the lost treasure of Medvedgrad for centuries. That’s just one of many snake legends of Zagreb.

Fantastic Zagreb is taking you to these tourd for free. To win tickets visit our Facebook page or come to our screenings.


Oblivion contest

19 Apr

All you need to do is answer a few questions, by following the link: http://inverzija.net/?p=5704.
Contest is open until April 24th at midnight.

Gricevanje has begun

5 Apr gricevanje

It is going to be held on the roof of the Tuškanac garage between 4th and 14th April. Our Invisible man will be there, distributing tickets for Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival. At Gričevanje, we can expect excellent free concerts, such as Bambi Molesters, Psihomodo Pop presenting their latest album, Damir Urban, and many demo bands in the program “Gričevanje is Seeking Fresh Blood”, i.e. the “Demonique” demo band competition, giving new bands a push to get their footing on the music scene. Gradec awaits us with music, various kinds of rakija (brandy) and spooky storytelling about the witches of Grič. Two more competitions have been organized: “A Horribly Good Story,” for the best horror story, and “A Horribly Good Title Sequence”, which is “intended for amateurs or professionals engaged in film, animation, programming, video mapping or other techniques and skills for processing images and sound”, as announced by Art Director of Gričevanje Emil Matešić. Co-founder and Director of Fantastic Zagreb Stjepan Hundić will be one of the judges evaluating the best title sequence. The winner will be given a chance to make a trailer for the next edition of Gričevanje. Gričevanje will thus mark the official beginning of spring in Zagreb, which also means lots of open-air festivals.

Gricevanje Plakat