28.06. - 06.07.2013.
film program
Film program 2013.

As a festival of the fantastic, and as lovers of all things different and interesting, we are bringing you a wide range of the past year’s best films.

We bring you the finest selection of thrillers, mysteries, fantasies, horrors, science-fiction, weird dramas, offbeat comedies and Asian cinema. A diverse festival programme includes “Panorama”, “Orient Express,” “Midnight Madness”, “Nordic Nights”, “Special Screenings”, “Visions”, “American nightmares”, “Cult classics”, “Marathon”, and the newly included regional and international “Short Film Section”.

As part of the “Panorama” section, we present you Chan-wook Park’s STOKER, an intriguing blend of thriller, suspense, family drama and horror. In his first Hollywood project, the famous South Korean director (“Oldboy”) honours Western film genres, its literary tradition and their distinctive characters. Park has envisioned the character of young India Stoker as a modern Electra or Hamlet’s female counterpart who is mourning the death of her father. Nicole Kidman plays the role of an unstable mother that comforts herself with “uncle” Charlie, an intriguing stranger who obviously has a hidden agenda, and who irresistibly reminds us of Norman Bates. “Panorama” also brings a kaleidoscopic thriller-drama directed by Nicolas Winding Refn ONLY GOD FORGIVES. The film was nominated this year for Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival, and due to its artistic freedom caused many controversies among the critics. After their cooperation on the critically acclaimed “Drive,” Refn entrusted Ryan Gosling once again to play the main role. His character Julian is a boxing club owner in Bangkok, which is actually a front for his family’s drug business. His brother Billy, who is a sexual offender, has been murdered. Their ruthless mother Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas) returns to the city in order to convince Julian to avenge his death. ROOM 237 is a documentary that explores probably the greatest mystery among filmmakers, Stanley Kubrick. Director Rodney Ascher analyses the details that we have certainly overlooked while watching horror classic “The Shining”. By using stylized film approaches, he offers five semiotic interpretations of Kubrick’s signs, which the filmmaker may have introduced deliberately or unconsciously, while bringing almost unbelievable conclusions.

The section dedicated to Asian films “Orient Express” presents an unusual Indian thriller-drama PUNE 52 about the life of a detective during a significant economic upheaval that took place in India in the 1990s. DEAD SUSHI is a Japanese camp directed by Noboru Iguchi who is also the author of one short flick in horror omnibus ABC’S OF DEATH, which will be screened within “Midnight Madness”. The Asian section also brings a fantastic comedy DOOMSDAY BOOK.

Within “Midnight Madness”, we are going to screen the aforementioned ABC’S OF DEATH, an anthology of 26 chapters about the wondrous and brutal death, directed by distinguished genre authors: Xavier Gens, Nacho Vigalondo, Jason Eisener etc. Also, the Irish horror CITADEL directed by Ciaran Foy and crazy French comedy by Quentin Dupieux, the creator of the cult “Rubber”, which we screened at the first edition of FZ. The main protagonist of his new film WRONG wakes up one morning and realizes that he has lost the love of his life, his dog Paul. While searching for him, he tries to bring his life back to normal, but instead significantly changes the lives of others and risks losing his own mind.

The exciting “Nordic Nights” will present the most interesting and internationally awarded film achievements by Nordic filmmakers: the Norwegian fantasy horror THALE about a supernatural creature from Scandinavian mythology. The section brings the much awaited sequel of the last year’s hit at Fantastic Zagreb – Swedish thriller EASY MONEY 2, the Finnish crime drama 8-BALL and the Icelandic sci-fi suspense FROST.

“Special Screenings” are going to introduce a spectacular Kazakh fairytale THE BOOK OF LEGENDS, intended primarily for our young audience, but also for all fans of the fantasy genre. It is the first Kazakh fantasy film ever, directed by a young and talented filmmaker Akhat Ibrayev. It tells a story of two lost boys who travel through an enchanted forest searching for their mother.

“Visions” offers films that could easily be defined as art-fantasy. BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO is a horror-thriller drama by Peter Strickland in which the life of his main protagonist becomes an imitation of horror films. BLANCANIEVES directed by Pablo Berger is an oneiric version of Snow White who lives in Seville in the 1920s surrounded by bullfighting dwarfs. It is a wonderful homage to German Expressionism, a silent film shot in black and white. VANISHING WAVES is a surreal love story and sci-fi thriller directed by Kristine Buozyte about a girl submitted to a strange neurological experiment while lying in a coma.

As the title itself suggests, section “American Nightmares” presents American independent horror films. But like the classics they are inspired by, the motion pictures that we screen are somewhere at the intersection of genres. One of them is the fascinating RESOLUTION by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead, an absolute hit at the Tribeca Film Festival. It tells the story of Peter who decides to visit his best friend, a meth addict that abides in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Since he refuses to go to rehab, Peter decides to threaten him with a fake gun and handcuffs him to a pipe, determined to stay with him until he recovers. Strange people begin to appear in the neighbourhood, while the protagonists stumble upon bizarre records, books, magazines and a film that erases the thin line between reality and beyond.
THE BATTERY is a horror-drama about two former baseball players who after a period of sickness that has gripped New England wander into an area, which is swarming with the living dead. THE HUMAN RACE is a sci-fi horror film about Veronica who finds herself in a surreal and horrifying marathon race. The rules of the sport are simple: if somebody gets ahead of you, you will die. If you get pushed out from the track, you’ll die. Many will be at the start, but only one can reach the goal alive.

Within the “Cult Classics” section we are celebrating the fortieth anniversary of sci-fi thriller-mystery SOYLENT GREEN by Oscar winner Richard Fleischer. The year is 2022 and the Earth is overpopulated and completely polluted. Natural resources have been exhausted for quite awhile. However, company Soylent Industries supplies the population with food that is produced from ocean plankton. When an alleged intruder kills a member of their Board, the case will be assigned to a New York detective Thorn, played by Charlton Heston. He will soon discover classified government information and thus put his life in jeopardy. We are also honouring the fifteenth anniversary of the Coen brothers’ cult comedy THE BIG LEBOWSKY and the forty fifth of Roman Polanski’s masterpiece, ROSEMARY’S BABY!
Within the “Marathon” section, for the first time in Croatia, we shall screen the outrageous television series KINGDOM/RIGET by the radical and provocative Lars Von Trier.
This year we have included the “Short Film Section” that promotes international and regional short films. One of them is WRECKED, a film by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead, who will also present their feature debut RESOLUTION at this year’s FZFF. KHOON LTD by Rahul Desai is an Indian vampire movie, and ENVY THE DEAD directed by Isa Swain is the first Arab zombie film and a great festival hit among short films.